Creepo Album Out Nov. 13th

Aloha hits iTunes and Amazon on Tuesday!  Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered it.  We still have lots of packages available for order in the merch page!!!

Thanks for the ongoing support!


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  • Joshua
    November 14th, 2012 10:15 pm

    Hey, can you guys please check your email, and respond back to me, please. I ordered the purple Aloha shirt, CD and sticker bundle, and the Aloha zip up hoodie, CD, sticker bundle, and I received it in the mail today. But, it didn’t come with either CD, or either sticker, it just came with the hoodie and shirt :-( . I hate IndieMerchStore so much. Can you please read my email and reply, and fix it so I can get my two CDs and stickers, please? The two bundles together plus shipping wasn’t cheap, and it really is a huge bummer to only get half of my order, especially when I spent that much money, and when I’ve been just dying to be able to listen to the new CD from El-Creepo!. And when I saw it came in the mail today, I was ecstatic! But then really bummed out. Please send me an email back as soon as you can, thanks.

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